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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ The 1st "Big" Ultrasound

This week started off good, all of a sudden I felt the baby move. I felt a couple thumps and knew it was him. The next day I kept feeling these little movements in sync and realized he had the hiccups. I was surprised I was feeling his hiccups already. I haven't felt him move since, but I know the daily movements are coming soon.

The night before our big ultrasound, I couldn't sleep well at all. I was too worked up with nerves. Jeramy also couldn't sleep well; he tossed and turned all night. Luckily our ultrasound was first thing in the morning so we didn't have to worry all day. She started with all the usual measurements and just as we already suspected at the 12 week ultrasound, he is a Boy!!! They always do the heart last and it seemed like forever before she made her way to his heart. Of course, he was being difficult and didn't want to give the best shot. The same thing happened with Baylee; she was not shy about showing her gender, but when it came to her heart she was stubborn and wouldn't budge (just like her mom, I can be horribly stubborn when I don't want to do something). Apparently our little boy is just as stubborn and wouldn't move.

Finally after moving from side to side, she saw what she needed. The ultrasound tech doesn't give us the results of the ultrasound but when she said she saw all four chambers, I unexpectedly began crying. She finished up and then we waited for about 5-10 minutes for the doctor to examine the results and give us the findings. He came in and confirmed that he doesn't see any signs of a heart defect and everything is looking great. I really hate to cry in public and the first time we got the devastating news about Baylee, I kept my composure until the doctor left the room; this time I was overwhelmed with relief that I just couldn't.

Now we knew we could share the pregnancy with everyone. I decided to put the good news on Facebook and then sent a text to my family telling them to check out my page. Everyone is so excited and finally so are we!!!


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