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Week 18
~ Rising Blood Sugars

I had a great visit last week with my Aunt. She already bought the baby a couple of new outfits. Surprisingly, Jeramy also wanted to go out shopping for new baby stuff. Neither of us cares to shop, however when he said 'I'd like to go buy some baby stuff', I wasn't going to say no. Last year we waited to setup everything at almost the last minute. We had just begun setting up the nursery within two weeks of her being born. I figure the same will probably happen again. We have pretty much everything we need since we put all of our stuff from last year in storage. We just need to buy new Boy clothes and new Boy themed bedding and then we should be set.

I met with my OB this week and she was very happy with my last ultrasound results, but I can tell she is still waiting for the fetal echo results in a few more weeks to feel confident that he's doing okay.

Unfortunately, my Blood Sugars aren't doing as great now. For the last two weeks they have been steadily getting higher. I was able to control them really well all of the first trimester and they were almost always under 100 but now they are rarely under 100 even between meals. Luckily my morning fasting numbers are still under 90, but I am beginning to see most of my post meal numbers increasing to 120-140. They want my post meals to always be below 120, so this is really bumming me out. Based on all the discussions we have had with my diabetic nurse, this was expected. Pregnancy hormones play a huge factor now so I'm guessing Insulin will be a discussion we'll be having over the next couple months. I am hoping I still have a while before I need to start the shots.


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