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Week 19
~ Bottoming Out

I decided to email my diabetic nurse this week to discuss my rising Blood Sugars. She agreed my post meals are getting too high, so she upped my morning Glyburide from 2.5mg to 5mg. Although she expects I may bottom out (this is where my numbers drop too low), so I have to watch them very closely for the first couple weeks. Of course, that is exactly what happened. The first day I checked my number after lunch and it was in the 60's. I don't get too worried about my numbers when they are in the 60's, however, the second day after lunch, I began feeling shaky and sweaty. I know the symptoms well so I immediately checked my number and it was in the 40's so I had a glass of Orange Juice to bring it back to normal.

It can be frustrating to have them fluctuate so drastically, but I find it is much easier to bring a low number up as opposed to bringing a high number down. The good news is I haven't seen any more numbers surpassing 120.

I am happy to report that my rash is gone so I should have a couple more easy months before I start getting those third trimester aches and pains. I am feeling him move more and more, but it still isn't really significant or even every day yet. I can't necessarily say for certain that was a kick or a turn, but I can feel him moving around.

On a separate note, we got a few days of rain, it was wonderful. We had two days in a row of temps under 100. Having one day of temps under 100 is VERY rare during summer, but two, I was feeling spoiled. The second day that it was cooler it was in the 80's and overcast and we really wanted to be outside but we didn't know what to do. We ended up going to the outdoor Outlet Mall to get some new school clothes for Jake. I say bring on the rain all summer long.


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