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Week 20
~ I Bought a Brand New Truck

I bought a new truck this past weekend. On Sunday, we didn't have much to do so after we went to breakfast Jeramy had suggested we take my Tahoe down to the dealer to see what kind of trade-in we could get for it. Everything has been falling apart on the Tahoe. You wouldn't think since it is a 2004, it would have so many issues but it does. The side panel that controls the windows and door locks broke loose, although luckily all the buttons were still working. Then about a year ago the brake lights and cruise control stopped working intermittently. Then a few months ago, the Speedometer stopped working and most recently it started slipping when going into gear.

We didn't really think we would buy a new truck as my requirements were that it had to be Black, 4 wheel drive and the monthly payments had to stay near what I paid for the Tahoe. Well as it turns out, they had a beautiful brand new 2010 Black 4x4 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. Since they already had the 2011 models in stock they were knocking $8000 off the sticker price of the 2010's plus what we got as a trade-in for the Tahoe we ended up with a great deal. I was so excited to be driving off with the new truck. I think the thing I love most is no more leather seats. I don't miss those hot leather seats in summer one bit.

So our fetal-echo is scheduled for next week and I'm already getting nervous. With my past history, it's hard not to worry about the pregnancy. Even though we had great results from the anatomy scan ultrasound, I can't help thinking maybe he wasn't big enough to get a good look at or what if they see something different this time. Most of the time, my gut instinct tells me everything is okay, but then I get these twinges of what if. Well, in a few more days there will be no more wondering.

I'll let you know next week how it went.

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