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Week 21
~ Fetal Echo

Week 21We had our Fetal-Echo scheduled first thing Wednesday morning and I was nervous. The place we go for our ultrasounds does both 2D and 4D ultrasounds so we have always had an opportunity to see both babies in 4D throughout the entire pregnancy. Really early on she switched over to 4D when she was looking at his face and I couldn't believe how much he looked like Baylee's 4D ultrasounds. I kind of expected it but when I actually saw it, it made me a bit emotional. She did all the usual measurements and then started the detailed measurements of his heart. She didn't give any indication of how things looked; she would just say what she was measuring. Once the doctor came in, he smiled and said our baby is looking great and they don't see a heart defect or any other growth issues. I almost cannot believe it given my history, but I am so relieved.

After our ultrasound we met with the diabetic nurse and she said my last Hemoglobin A1C was 4.5, so it's good to know all my hard work sticking to my diet was paying off. I guess the placenta for diabetic women has a tendency to age quicker than non-diabetic women and on a scale of 0-4 she said mine came back at a 1 which is completely normal. This was the first time I heard this, so now it makes sense why they induce diabetic women early aside from the baby growing too large.

I have been feeling him move every day now for almost two weeks which makes me happy. He gets the hiccups a lot and he moves much more than Baylee did although he is most active between 10pm - 12am, just like Baylee.

We had our first football game of the season and it was so hot, I thought I would die walking from the parking lot to the stadium. Last season, I had Braxton-Hicks contractions every game walking to and from the car and this year looks to be the same. The game was the first time this pregnancy the contractions started. Luckily our next game isn't for a couple more weeks and our home opener of the regular season isn't until the end of September so hopefully it will be cooler by then.


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