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Week 22
~ Keeping his Name a Secret

I met with my OB this week and she was very happy about our Fetal Echo results. She said starting in October I will be going to see her every other week. I just started seeing the diabetic nurse every other week and once I'm around 32 weeks I'll be going twice weekly for an NST and ultrasound. It sounds like I'll be having appointments 3 to 4 times a week. This is just a bit excessive in my opinion so we'll see how I manage to work them all in when the time comes.

My OB also informed me they will be inducing me again around 39 weeks. This just bums me out to no end. I had a really long painful labor last time when they wanted to induce. They started me on Pitocin on a Monday and I remained on it for the entire day. Then that night when I failed to dilate, they inserted a balloon like thing to force me to dilate. That was painful and it only dilated me to 3cm plus it made my blood pressure go through the roof. They were injecting continuous meds into my IV to try and bring it down. After two epidurals I finally gave birth on Wednesday. I do not want to go through that again, so I'm hoping he comes on his own before they induce.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries on what his name will be but I don't think his name will be shared until he's born. Quite a while ago, I made a deal with Jeramy that if we ever had a girl I got to name her and if we had a boy, Jeramy got to name him. When we had Baylee he didn't interfere with me naming her, so now I have to honor my own agreement. When I was pregnant with Baylee and we didn't know who she was yet, Jeramy was already thinking he liked the name Bo, but so many people were vocal on how they didn't like that name so now I think he doesn't want to share the name with anyone else until he's here and I don't blame him at all. The only thing I do know is his middle name will be Mac after Jeramy's grandpa. I do say when I am completely against a name and I'll throw out my suggestions for names but in the end Jeramy gets to decide. I've always loved the name Jeremy then I met Jeramy and figured that name was out, but now I'm thinking I would love his first name to be Jeramy too. Right now he isn't too sure how he feels about our baby taking his name, so we'll see.


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