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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ A Quiet Week

I don't have much to talk about as this week has definitely been an uneventful one. I didn't have any doctor's appointments, any pregnancy symptoms and work was slow because of the upcoming holiday weekend.

Jeramy went hunting this past weekend so I spent the weekend home alone. I was able to get some cleaning done. I went out to eat with my Aunt a couple times, but other than that, I just hung out at home, watched TV and played games on the computer. I must admit I have been too addicted to playing some of the Facebook games and World of Warcraft. I know once he's here, I won't have much time to play (if any) so I'm getting it out of my system now.

Work has been going through a lot of changes and this past week we just got the news that our department is moving under a new manager. Our new manager was once my manager years ago so I don't have to develop a new rapport but I am worried if he will be as open to my working part-time as my current manager is. I think once he finds out I'm pregnant he will be, but I wonder once I have the baby if his expectations will be for me to return full-time. I hope I can return to part-time after the baby arrives at least for a little while until I adjust but we'll see. I may have to prepare myself for being a stay at home mom. I still have quite some time to work all that out.

Even though we have still been over 100 degrees, I'm so excited that Fall is just around the corner. I feel this way every September. I'm especially looking forward to Thanksgiving and have already begun preparations. We usually have a big Thanksgiving celebration at our house, but last year with all the complications I was having during the pregnancy, we didn't have Thanksgiving. We ended up going to a restaurant. This year I have decided regardless of how my blood pressure may be, I'm definitely having it at our house. My cousin is already planning on putting everyone to work just in case my blood pressure gets high again. I can't wait for November.


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