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Week 24
~ Leg Cramps

I saw my diabetic nurse this week, and nothing has changed in regard to my medicine. I am seeing some higher numbers here and there mainly after dinner, but nothing too extreme. She said I didn't have any sugar or protein in my urine so that is very good.

I will admit the diet is getting very hard. The foods I've been missing the most are anything Mexican, homemade Mac-n-Cheese and Pizza. I keep telling myself, only 15 more weeks to go then I can have some of the things I miss. I know because I am pre-diabetic I cannot go too crazy but I can have some of the things I love in moderation. Besides I have been so good and strict that I think I deserve a little treat after the baby comes.

I know I shouldn't complain since I have so few pregnancy symptoms but the few I do have aren't enjoyable either. I don't get morning sickness, heartburn, hemorrhoids or many of the other discomforts of pregnancy. I did get a bad rash with each early on, and most recently I am starting to get lower back pain and horrible leg cramps.

The back pain is really low, it feels more like I fell and bruised my butt bone than actual back pain. I guess I just carry babies low. I'm not really sure what to do about the leg cramps since I have to limit my banana intake due to the diabetes, so I just try and stretch my calves before going to bed but they still hurt when a cramp wakes me up in the middle of the night and they feel so sore the next morning.

I hear that every pregnancy is different, but honestly, mine seem very much the same. This baby moves a whole lot more than Baylee did and my belly definitely seems to be getting bigger than last time. My belly is already nearing the size it was at 39 weeks last year. I was told my belly was smaller than average last year so I hope this belly doesn't get too big but I fear it will since I still have three months to go. Those are really the only differences I see so far in the two pregnancies.


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