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Week 25
~ I Am so Ready for Football

Sorry for such short entries lately, there isn't much I've had to report which thankfully is good news.

I met with my regular (non-pregnancy) diabetes doctor this week and he is happy with how everything is going. The last round of tests he did back in June all came back normal. He checks my Cholesterol, Liver, Kidney function and so on. He said the stress a pregnancy has on a body can elevate these so he doesn't want to re-run them until after the baby is born. I won't be seeing him again until late January or February so one more doctor visit out of the way for a while.

Next week I have another ultrasound scheduled and am starting to feel twinges of anxiety. I can't help but get nervous, boy do I dread ultrasounds. The good news is he moves around so much that I feel like he is doing okay.

Next week is also our home season opener for football. I'm so excited; I just hope the temperature isn't too hot. I'm hoping for 90's but it will probably still be over 100 degrees. At least we have an indoor stadium; it's usually just the walk to and from the stadium that is uncomfortable. I know we are getting so close to being done with 100 degree days. I also look forward to when I can enjoy a nice cold beer at the game on these hot days. Two years now I've been pregnant during football season so no beer; maybe if we make it to playoffs . . . although after watching us lose this past weekend so horribly and just barely win our regular season opener I must admit my expectations aren't too high for our team this year, but I'm still optimistic.


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