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Week 26
~ Great Pregnancy Week

This week has been a good week. We had our 26 week growth ultrasound scheduled and everything went well. The ultrasound only lasted about 30 minutes which relieved me. I remember with Baylee the longer the ultrasound always meant they were looking closely at something and I usually ended up with news I didn't want to hear. Our perinatologist came in and said everything was looking perfect. He also said our boy is measuring about a week ahead of schedule and they estimate he already weighs about 2 pounds 5 ounces so that puts him at 65 percentile growth wise. With Baylee she was always small and even dropped down to the 20 percentile range in growth although she was born at 6 pounds 3 ounces. I hope that doesn't mean he'll be too big at delivery. I'm hoping for another 6 pound baby.

My diabetic nurse also told us that my placenta age is great. She said on a scale of 0-3 mine came back at a 0 which is perfect. They still aren't seeing any sugars or protein in my urine and my blood pressure was 118/78. Although my blood pressure didn't start elevating until around the 34th week last time, I have my fingers crossed it will stay normal for the entire pregnancy (and delivery) this time. I am finally feeling like maybe this pregnancy will work out and we are excited to think our little guy will be home with us soon and if all goes well, right before Christmas.

We probably won't get the nursery out of storage and setup until late November. I don't want to set it up too early otherwise, it's just another thing I'll have to clean and dust regularly.

As for our football team, I'm just so frustrated with them. Last week I was so angry at the way they played and the outrageous amount of penalties, I felt like I could throw something at the TV. I was really hoping for more of a showing this week at home, and although we won, we made so many mistakes. We were very fortunate the Raiders missed their field goal in the final seconds otherwise we would have lost.

Last year we sat near a rowdy bunch and it was always entertaining watching them get angry and belligerent that I didn't get as upset when we lost but they have moved to an even rowdier section that always breaks out in fights so we don't have the same amusement around us this year. We did have a lot of Raider fans at the game and they were so boisterous that I was partially dreading having to listen to all their smack talk if they won, but thankfully we won so they were pretty quiet. I really hope our team starts getting in sync soon because these last second wins are stressing me out.


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