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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Hooray for the Third Trimester

I almost can't believe I'm finally in the third trimester. When I first found out I was pregnant again, I thought it would take forever to make it to 40 weeks. We had just gone through a stressful pregnancy followed by some of the most difficult days we have ever faced. Then to top it off, I would have eight months of being on a very strict controlled diet, which meant no giving in to those pregnancy cravings, but wow, the time is just flying by and in 11 (or less) weeks I'll be starting labor.

I had another appointment with my OB; this is the last monthly appointment. I start seeing her every two weeks until 35 weeks. That puts me at five doctor visits a month; two with my OB, two with my diabetic nurse and one ultrasound with the Perinatologist. What fun, but at least I know I'm getting close to the end and that is exciting. My back pain and leg cramps are getting much worse, but even those aren't bringing me down when I think how little time I have left. Here's hoping for 11 more uneventful weeks . . .

I wish I was as excited about our football team as I am about the end of the pregnancy nearing. This past weekend, I had to just go take a nap in the middle of the game as I was getting too mad at how crappy we've been playing. Next weekend we play New Orleans at home and I hope they don't completely humiliate us. I always go into the game hopeful but it quickly turns to disappointment watching error after error. I'll always root for my home team regardless of how great or bad we play but it's much more fun to watch us win.


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