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Week 28
~ Crazy Weather

This past week we had some crazy weather. Last weekend was our typical 100 degree days. Then on Monday, in came the rain. By Tuesday, we not only had a ton of rain all day, but it hailed twice. We can get some pretty awesome thunderstorms but rarely ever see hail. It dropped the temperature to the high 60's. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it was. Although by the end of the week, they are expecting we'll be creeping back up to the 90's.

Unfortunately, I saw my highest blood sugar number of my entire pregnancy this week. I checked my blood sugar after lunch and it was 180. I was in complete shock, especially since it was on my cleaning day. Usually on my cleaning days I stay pretty busy working around the house that my numbers rarely even get to 100, but 180, oh no!! I knew this was going to happen further along in the pregnancy and I had already begun to see my numbers gradually climbing over the last week but I was really hoping it wouldn't get this high, however, yes it happened. My diabetic nurse said she doesn't want to up my Glyburide dosage yet or switch to Insulin since I am still having many fairly low to normal numbers but she does anticipate Insulin within the next month. At least I didn't have any sugar in my urine, but I did have +1 protein. They weren't too concerned since my Blood Pressure was 110/68. I'm surprised they didn't make me do a 24-hour urine. Last pregnancy I did five of them. Every time I would spill protein I had to do one (but maybe I was spilling more than +1, I honestly don't remember).

I'm a little disappointed with the department at work that handles Short Term and FMLA. They gave me a bunch of paperwork to fill out and have my doctor fill out and they gave me a three week deadline so I had to have them completed and returned by October 1st. I got all the paperwork completed by the time specified, then they emailed me a few days later saying they couldn't process it as they will be switching to a third party for all employee Time Off effective November 1st so I will have to go through this third party after the change occurs. Now I'm left wondering why I had to have my doctor complete paperwork only to have her complete new paperwork once the third party sends it to me (ughhh!!!).

On a good note, I told my new boss about my pregnancy which I was surprised he didn't already know and he was fine with me staying on part-time, even after the baby comes. What a relief. At least I know I can ease back into work after the baby comes and not go straight to full-time.


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