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Week 30
~ Down to Only 9 Weeks

Week 30I just cannot believe how few weeks I have left. At the beginning it seemed like an eternity, but now I definitely see the end in sight, only 9 more weeks to go before they induce.

I had another ultrasound this week and everything is still going great. The doctor says he is looking very healthy and they are estimating he is close to 4 pounds; so much for having another 6 pound baby, although I should have known given the size of my stomach. It is now bigger than I was at full term with Baylee. I guess he will be a big baby, which makes me scared of natural labor all over again .

With Baylee we delivered at a hospital that was about 10 miles away since they had the heart specialists. They gave us the option of having her at our hospital and then transferring her to the Phoenix Children's Hospital -OR- just having her at St. Joseph's which also had very specialized heart surgeons so we could be close to her. This to me seemed like a no brainer, so we opted to deliver at the hospital that would care for her while allowing us to be there with her around the clock. This time we get to deliver at the hospital just down the street from us so I'm relieved we get to stay so close to home. Especially if I end up having to stay longer again due to high blood pressure, Jeramy can run home to check on our animals and be back in no time. I just setup a tour for us to go see the Labor & Delivery so we'll be all ready when it's time. Their first opening isn't until mid November but that's okay. From what I have heard from a few different people that have delivered there, they really liked it so I'm looking forward to hopefully a pleasant experience.

No one has really discussed with us what happens with the baby once he's born, so I still don't know if he will be taken to the NICU because of my diabetes or if he gets to stay with me and they will just check his blood sugars periodically. Hopefully I can keep him close.

We got more rain for a couple days this week and it dropped the temperatures so it was really enjoyable to have the doors and windows open at the house. It is still too early to turn off the A/C but hopefully soon.


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