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Week 31
~ More Family Drama . . . or Maybe It's Just Me

This week was another slow week. I only had one doctor appointment. It was with my OB and it was short and sweet as always. The bad news is over the last couple months I have officially gained 8 of the 10 pounds that I lost back, so I only have a 2 pound buffer and then I am back to the weight I started at before the pregnancy but I suppose it could be worse.

I was thinking I was going to wait until the last minute to get all the baby stuff out of storage, but we picked it all up over the weekend. Right now it is scattered all over our bedroom. We still need to set it all up and get it organized. Jeramy and Jake got some of the stuff setup but we still have quite a bit left. At least we (okay they) are making progress.

We also went baby shopping and looked at bedding as I haven't been able to decide on how I want to decorate his nursery. I knew exactly what I wanted with Baylee, but honestly, I don't really like all the blues, greens and browns they have for a boy, so I'm struggling with it.

I was in the mood for doing a project so I completely emptied, cleaned and reorganized our kitchen pantry and cleaned the pantry doors. The pantry doors are wood and have small planks covering half the doors. It was so much work! It took over four hours just to get it all done, and then I continued with my regular house cleaning so I was pretty exhausted. I think I needed to get out some of the frustration I was having towards my Aunt. I got pretty upset with her, but I hadn't yet confronted her, so it was stewing and doing the work helped relieve some stress.

Maybe I'm just extra sensitive being pregnant and all, but I just don't understand what goes on in people's heads sometimes. My grandfather was coming to town Halloween weekend and she asked if we had an extra ticket to the football game. We have four season tickets, one for me, Jeramy, Jake and my mom. My mom doesn't always make it down from Las Vegas to go to every game or Jake is with his mom on some weekends so occasionally we do have an extra ticket. I told her no we didn't, so when she came over to hang out, she proceeded to ask my stepson Jake if he would give up his ticket for my grandfather and of course Jake didn't know what to say so he said okay. She didn't offer to buy it; she wanted him to give up his ticket. I told her it wasn't Jake's choice, it was Jeramy's. Then later that day and the days following, I began thinking of how she put him on the spot after I said we didn't have an extra ticket and the anger started setting in. I planned on telling her this past weekend not to ever do that again, but luckily when she came over, she did apologize and said she shouldn't have done that even before I got a chance to say anything.

As it turns out, since it was Halloween Jake wanted to hang out with his friends and do Halloween stuff with them, so we ended up having the extra ticket and it all worked out; I just didn't like the way it was handled but at least it got resolved without a lot of drama.


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