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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Almost Ready for Baby

I finally found a bedding set made by Cocalo that I am happy with. It doesn't have any greens or blues in it; it is pretty neutral so I think it is something I can live with. The Baby Super Mall website usually sells all the bedding and accessories, so I sent the link to my Mom letting her know if she wanted any suggestions for a birthday gift for me (since my birthday is this month), that all I wanted was stuff for the baby, she ended up buying it all.

Last year for Baylee, my Mom bought me the entire Cocalo Jacana bedding set and accessories. Since it is a purple/pinkish color, I figured I didn't want to use this for him, so I got the Cocalo Sweet Latte bedding this time.

I also ordered this Graco Sweet Peace swing that I have been wanting since I was pregnant with Baylee, but last year, everywhere I went it was either sold out or only had the floor model left. I normally don't mind too much about the floor model if it's discounted, but the ones I saw were pretty dirty, so I wasn't going to buy it even at a discount. This year I found it online so it is on its way. Babies-R-Us currently has a giraffe print one, but I didn't want that one, I wanted the Cuddly Bear one, so I am really happy I found it. I now have everything I want, we only need to get maybe a few more small things such as extra bottles, blankets, etc. and then we will be all ready.

I also got a call this week from the new third party handling all of work's Short Term and FMLA. They let me know that my FMLA is approved so instead of the standard 6-8 weeks Short Term which I was guaranteed to get, I also get the additional 6 weeks of FMLA. I really wasn't expecting it, so it's nice to know that I get an extra 6 weeks to be home with the baby. That also gives me more time to find a babysitter for when I do return to work. Unfortunately, I do have to fill out brand new paperwork and so does my doctor, but oh well, that's how it goes.

Everything seems to be falling into place, now my only real worry since we are so close is how my dogs will react to the baby. They never got a chance to meet Baylee since she never came home from the hospital, so I still don't know how they will behave, but luckily our house is setup with double doggie doors and if they need to be isolated it will be really easy. We have two big dogs and two smaller dogs; however my only real concern is one of the big dogs. She LOVES people and has never been aggressive to anyone, however she is very clingy to me and I worry she may get a little jealous early on. Luckily Jeramy can handle them so easily if any tension starts. We have started spreading baby powder around the room and letting them smell the baby stuff so they get used to certain baby smells early. Even though I'm prepared for some training and disciplining, I have my fingers crossed they just naturally take to the baby and we can just be one big happy human and furry family.


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