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Week 33
~ Non-Stress Tests

Because I am diabetic, this week I started my twice weekly NST's (Non-Stress Test) and once weekly Biophysical Profile. The NST's are where they hook me up to a monitor for about 30 minutes to monitor the baby's heartbeat, my contractions and the baby's movements. I will have them done every Monday and Thursday until delivery. Every Monday they also include a BioPhysical Profile. It is just a standard ultrasound to take measurements of the baby, the amniotic fluid and watch the baby's practice breathing. Baby is doing great, but I must say I was shocked to find out he is already over 5 pounds. He is just getting big so fast. I still get very nervous with ultrasounds, but I don't mind the NST's at all, I know I am in the final stretch and it is so exciting.

My second NST this week, they ended up having me on for an hour because the baby had the hiccups for about 20 minutes of it and that didn't give them an accurate count of his movements.

I also saw my OB this week and she let me know that she may induce two weeks early at 38 weeks because of his size, but she definitely won't let me go beyond 39 weeks, so we'll have to see in the next few weeks how much bigger he gets.

All my OB visits are fully covered, but unfortunately, I have to pay a $40 co-pay each visit for everything else. Every appointment with the diabetic nurse, every ultrasound with the Perinatologist, every NST and so on always cost $40 since my insurance considers them specialists. Last year with Baylee we paid quite a bit in co-pays. Luckily we don't have quite as many doctor appointments this year since he doesn't have a heart defect but it does get a bit costly. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when he is home with us.

This week I had a not so pleasant episode. A few months back I found this No Sugar Ice Cream that I have from time to time to help when I really get a sweet craving and if I don't eat too much, it won't raise my Blood Sugar. Well I ate some right before I went to bed, then in the middle of the night I woke up having partially thrown up the ice cream along with some stomach acid (yuck). I drank some water and went back to bed, then an hour or so it happened again, but this time it was a lot more so I ran to the bathroom with my mouth closed and as soon as I spit it out in the sink I began coughing a lot from the stomach acid taste and ended up peeing on myself, oh how wonderful. At least it happened at home in my bathroom and not at work or some other public place. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be eating anymore No Sugar ice cream as now the thought of the ice cream doesn't sit well with me. Other than that it's been a good week.


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