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Week 34
~ We may have finally found a name

We think we may have found a name for the baby. Since I have given Jeramy the final say on the name, it isn't a definite, but I think it is what he is leaning towards. We have still decided not to share what the name will be because family can be too opinionated and I have a feeling there will be at least a few disapprovals, so we aren't saying until he's born. They wouldn't be mean about it, but they would try and say, why not change it to this, so this time, I'm not even giving them the chance. They'll find out once it's been given.

Our hot days are finally over and I love it. It is just wonderful to open the doors and let all the fresh air in the house. I now have to start getting the house super clean and all my preparations ready for Thanksgiving. I love having Thanksgiving at our house, but it is always really stressful the week before because I make so much food so I have a lot of prepping to do. I don't have any brothers or sisters but I cook like I came from a huge family, I don't know why, I just do. Maybe it's because I like to offer my guests a lot of options, so I usually make 10-15 side dishes alongside 1 or 2 turkeys and a ham. My Aunt usually makes the traditional turkey and we make a non-traditional turkey, either smoking or deep frying one. This year we are scaling it back a bit, I don't want to over extend myself so I'm not going to make as many side dishes and desserts, but I will still make plenty and we decided not to do the extra turkey. Depending on the families, we have had in the past anywhere from 10 - 40 people but we usually average about 15 people a year.

Not too much to report this week on the pregnancy, it's been rather quiet and my NST's have been going well. We did take a tour of the Labor & Delivery at the hospital this week. I was a little bummed because there were at least 30 expectant mothers/family members on the tour, so there wasn't a lot of opportunity to ask questions but it seems to be pretty nice.

I'm not attending any birth or baby classes. I honestly just don't have the time. I didn't last year either, I just figured I'd wing it. Then when the doctor was getting ready to deliver Baylee, he'd asked if I took any classes and I said 'No'. I thought I'd probably disappointed him but he just shrugged it off and said there was no need as most first time moms are so nervous that they forget everything they learned anyway. The assisting nurse told me how to breathe and honestly I was in such a panicked state that I didn't remember so Jeramy was great and I just focused on him and he told exactly how/when to breathe during my contractions. He knows I'm definitely relying on him again this time around, that's all the coaching I need.

Since my next journal won't be until after Thanksgiving, I wish everyone and very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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