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Week 35
~ A Week of Highs and Lows

This week has definitely been a week of highs and lows. It never fails; Thanksgiving week is always a stressful week.

I'll start with the lows. We got some not so good news. During one of our routine BioPhysical ultrasounds, they found our baby boy has an irregular heartbeat. The perinatologist said it is benign and isn't anything to worry about as it is common and will most likely clear on its own since his heart development looks completely normal, but that was the last thing I wanted to hear. Maybe if we hadn't lost Baylee to a heart defect, it might not have scared me too much, but honestly I'm terrified. I thought things were going so well and now to hear this, right before the dreaded month of December.

To explain, I am not particularly fond of December as it has a tie to all my pregnancies. My first miscarriage happened in mid December years ago. My second miscarriage (while it occurred in April), if the pregnancy progressed, the baby would have been due in December. My third miscarriage happened on Christmas Day a few years ago. Then we had Baylee who was born and passed away in December. I just can't seem to escape that month so with it looming in a couple days, obviously I'm worried. Jeramy says I need to stop being so superstitious and I know he's right but I just can't help myself.

Then the same day as I was unpacking all the groceries, I was looking at one of my dogs in the back yard and watched her run and jump on our brick wall that separates our yard and our neighbors. She had herself all the way to the top and was hanging from the top with her head and front paws over. She looked like spiderman just dangling from the wall. This was the first time I have ever seen her do this. I pride myself on being a responsible pet owner and take it very seriously, so I was quite upset to see that. She isn't friendly to other dogs and now I can't stop thinking about her jumping on the wall and what if she ever does get out of the yard and hit by a car or into a neighbor's yard and attacks their dog. Since we will probably have to involve our neighbors to raise the wall, Jeramy is looking into lowering the ground on our side to make the wall higher first. Until that is done, I am just going to have to close off her dog door to the outside when I'm not home. Last year when I was in the hospital for a week with high blood pressure and delivering Baylee, they all started being destructive and tearing things up around the house. Well they have started it up again; I'm guessing they're sensing I'll be leaving soon. Why do they do this to me right before I am set to have the baby?

For the highs, I saw my OB this past week and she started the internal exams. She said I am currently 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was so excited to hear that. I was completely closed still at 39 weeks with Baylee and labor was so long because I failed to dilate. I can only hope that this time around I won't have that same issue. I may, but I can hope .

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am usually running around the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day like a lunatic, but this year I was so organized and ready that it wasn't at all stressful and Jeramy helped a lot. I put the Green Bean casserole in our convection oven since I didn't have any more room in either of our ovens and forgot to cover it so it burned; at least I had made a country style green bean dish as well, so it wasn't too big of a disappointment for those that like Green Bean casserole. I did allow myself a slice of my homemade pumpkin roll. It was the first time this pregnancy that I cheated; luckily my blood sugar didn't get too high at all from it. Time with the family was great and uncharacteristically drama free. Plus to have a total of eight days off of work around Thanksgiving just made the week even better.


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