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Week 36
~ My Football Season Is Over

This week has been slow which was nice; it gave us time to unwind from Thanksgiving although I still haven't completely finished cleaning the house after the holiday. It's getting really hard to spend a whole day on my feet cleaning, but I'll get it done before we have to go to the hospital.

I met with my OB and she said she plans on inducing no later than December 17th. I'll know the exact date at my next visit. I was really hoping he would come naturally, but I am not seeing any signs of that happening, or so far it doesn't seem like he will. I am still only 2cm dilated and 50% effaced so no changes there. The bad news is I gained 3 1/2 pounds. Yes, it finally happened; for the first time in either pregnancy, I went over my pre-pregnancy weight by a pound and a half. My OB said that was good; they have been wondering if I was going to gain any baby weight for the last two years. At least the good news is I completely avoided having to go on insulin this pregnancy, yeah!!!

The baby's irregular heartbeat is still present but our Perinatologist still doesn't think it's anything to become too concerned with; he says everything still looks good. I must admit, I worry what it may bring after he's born, but I'll just have to follow up with his Pediatrician and hope it truly is no cause for concern. I can't forget how we were told last pregnancy that everything changes once that umbilical cord is cut, so I'm scared it applies to this as well.
,br> I still have to find a Pediatrician and pack a hospital bag for me. I got his bag ready but not for myself yet. I'm just not one of those people that are ever too prepared but it always comes together at the end.

Our football game this past weekend caused me to have really bad back pain. I don't know if it was all the walking I did or the seats at the stadium, but I just couldn't get any relief even at home. I've noticed these last couple weeks have been much harder than I remember from last pregnancy. Maybe because I have a bigger stomach; it just seems I have a harder time sleeping and moving around, especially getting in and out of bed. We have decided this last weekend's game will be my last. I should only have to miss two home games. We do have a Christmas Day game and while I anticipate (fingers crossed) being home from the hospital, I think I'll still skip it. Otherwise I'll have to leave our little guy with a family member and I probably won't feel comfortable with it this early. I was really looking forward to being at the game on Christmas Day, but maybe another year.

As I get ready to start Week 37, I realize that gives me only two weeks left so I'm trying to get all loose ends tied up at work as I hate to leave my co-workers with any of my work. I know they have been preparing, but I'm sure they aren't looking forward to it given we are already short staffed. I must say I am glad I'm the one going out on maternity leave and not the one taking on more work.


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