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Week 37
~ Finally at the End

Week 37So this is it, my final weekly journal entry before my Birth Story. I'm writing this a little early because my OB set my induction date for this Sunday, December 12th. We went to our routine weekly ultrasound this past Thursday and our Perinatologist said he is looking healthy and is already fully developed so he didn't see any reason to keep him inside any longer. I met with my OB later that day and she gave the go ahead for this Sunday.

I am SO excited, and yet a little scared about going through labor all over again. At least this time I know a little more of what to expect. The funny thing is, my biggest fear isn't the pain (although that is one part of it); it is going to the bathroom during the pushing. I don't know why, but the thought of it happening just embarrasses me. If it happens it happens, but I would rather it didn't. I had apologized to my doctor in advance when I was pushing with Baylee and it didn't happen, but that pressure down there sure felt like it was. However, this guy is bigger than her so I'm expecting it will. My cousin says I should only eat soup until it's time.

I've got everything I need ready or done except for packing my bag, but that will take me all of five minutes, so I'll do it right before we head out. I pray my dogs behave themselves while we are gone.

I still haven't made my final decision on whether I am allowing our moms to be in the room during delivery. Last year we were going to allow them to be part of it and then the doctors said no to everyone but Jeramy since the NICU team was going to be in the delivery room. Delivery ended up going really smooth, so now I think I might want to keep it just the two of us again. I know that is how Jeramy wants it and I go back and forth. I planned on telling my mom a couple of times, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I partly feel like I'm making her miss out since I'm her only child. I will decide once I'm checked in and settled in my room.

So the only thing I can say I will truly miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby move around. Everything else I cannot wait to be over, especially this diet and the touching of my stomach all the time by family. I don't mind when Jeramy or even my Mom touches it, but I am not a touchy-feely person so I rather hate it when anyone else does it and some people do it all the time. Yet no one picks up on the eye rolls or sighs I give when they do it. They must pretend they don't notice. And I sure won't miss this big belly; as you can see, it has become pretty huge. Okay, maybe I'll miss it a little.

This week hasn't been too bad but part of the week I had a mild case of diarrhea which is not pleasant. I rarely get it and when I do, it usually isn't for this many days so it's been a major bummer. The third day, I took half of an Imodium because I was at work and very uncomfortable. I read on a couple websites that it is common right before labor strikes. I sure don't remember getting it last time, but then again, if there is any correlation it would be great if it means labor may start naturally. Of course it doesn't appear he wants to make an entrance into the world on his own, especially since it's almost time for induction.

So my plan is to check in at 2am on Sunday morning (yep, that's the time my doctor wants it), start the induction, get my epidural a few hours later, give birth before the football game starts at 2pm and then spend the rest of the day watching football with my husband and baby boy. Ha Ha (yeah right), but it still is a nice plan I have concocted in my own imagination. As I would love a short labor, I'll take the long painful labor and anything else yucky that goes with it so long as our end result is to take our wonderful healthy little boy home. I am so hopeful everything goes well and I look forward to updating you all with my Birth Story soon.


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