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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ So much medicine, I hope I don't forget

Luckily, my OB was able to get me in this week. She did the usual female stuff, and we discussed my diet and maintaining the Diabetes. The last pregnancy she transferred my care to a Perinatologist because of the heart defect and the Diabetes, but she said so long as we don't run into any issues down the road, she doesn't think she will have to transfer me again just for the Diabetes (fingers crossed). She is going to have me see the specialists for assistance with the Diabetes, but they will only co-manage my care. I have been able to keep my blood sugars well under 120 after each meal and most meals I've even been able to even keep them under 100 but let me tell you, it is a lot of work and I'm only two weeks in (35 more to go). I have noticed my morning fasting numbers have been gradually creeping to over 100 so she upped my Glyburide to 7.5mg in the evening. So far that has been helping tremendously and keeping them in the 70s to low 80s.

She also put me on Prometrium because of my three early miscarriages. They put me on it with Baylee and that was the only pregnancy that made it full term; the others wouldn't even make it to 8 weeks. I have also been taking Labetalol twice a day since my delivery as I was having high blood pressure. Being on all this medication is a bummer, but if it will help during the pregnancy, I'll do it.

My husband and I have decided to keep this pregnancy a secret from our families for as long as possible. We are hoping until the anatomy scan around 4-5 months when they see the baby's heart development, but that might be stretching it a bit. My first pregnancy I didn't show until more than 5 months in, but I'm not sure if I'll be as lucky this time around. They were so involved with the last pregnancy that many of them had almost as hard of a time with her passing as we did. While I love my family and want them to be a part of it, we just figure we will try to keep this pregnancy as stress free as possible.

Aside from the bathroom trips, still no other symptoms but I'm definitely not complaining.


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