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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Dirty House (yuck)!!

Sorry for the short entry this week, there just wasn't too much to report. This week however, another pregnancy symptom set in, fatigue. I am so tired lately, I feel like I can sleep all day.

I used to work a lot and I was going to quit work before we conceived Baylee so we could focus on starting a family. Then my manager offered me to change to part-time if I wanted and I could choose my hours. Of course, I couldn't turn the offer down since I get to keep my Benefits, Paid Time Off and Retirement, so I changed my schedule to three days a week. This has been working out wonderfully; I have been able to get into a routine with keeping the house clean each week, although now I'm struggling. I'm still tidying up the house but not as well as I have to take a nap each day for a few hours then I remain unmotivated for the rest of the day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. My husband drove up to see his mom. They spent the day fishing followed by dinner. It wasn't really how I wanted to spend Mother's Day so I went to breakfast with my Aunt and her daughters; then my Aunt and I went for manicures and I came home and took a nap. It was a nice relaxing day, just how I wanted it. My mom won't be down until next week so I will take her out shopping and to dinner when she's here.

Well, I can barely keep my eyes open so it's time for me to go take a nice long nap again.


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