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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal
Dawn and FamilyStorkNet is very pleased to bring you Dawn's Pregnancy Journal.

Dawn and Mike have two sons . . . Matthew, who is 5, and Zackary, who is 3 years old. Dawn has a history of pre-term labor, however, her third pregnancy was relatively uneventful. Ethan James was born at 39+ weeks on June 25, 2002. Join Dawn as she discusses her pregnancy week by week.

Dawn's Journal Entries

Meet Dawn

Week 6
To be sick or not to be

Week 7
Baby Spot

Week 8
Early Pregnancy Woes

Week 9

Week 10
First OB Appointment

Week 11
Morning Sickness

Week 12
Weird Dreams

Week 13
Second Trimester

Week 14
Finally the heartbeat!

Weeks 15 & 16

Week 17
First Flutters

Week 18
Boy or Girl~Girl or Boy

Week 19
Lots of Testosterone

Week 20

Week 21

Week 22

Week 23
The Name Game

Week 24
A point of relief

Week 25

Week 26
GD Testing

Week 27

Week 28
Third Trimester

Week 29
Down time

Week 30
10 To go to D-Day!

Weeks 31 & 32

Week 33
Happy Belated Mother's Day

Week 34
Graduation Day

Week 35
One Month to Go . . .

Week 36
Slowing Down

Week 37
Full Term

Week 38

Birth Story
39 Weeks, 2 Days

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