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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Dawn!

Dawn and FamilyHello everyone! I guess an introduction is in order. I'm Dawn and I'm married to my high school sweetie, Mike. We've been married for just over six years. We have two sons, Matthew, 5, and Zackary, 2.5 years old.

We live in North Carolina, and we'll be moving sometime soon (hopefully) to the other side of the county to occupy 18 acres! We have been working on this since April 2001 and can't wait.

I'm a sahm and help out a friend with his business. I love being at home with the boys; it allows me to help out with Matthew's preschool class. I have been a volunteer at his school since he began in the fall of 1999.

We are now expecting our third child July 1, 2002. We hope that this pregnancy is calm and smooth without complications. We had pre-term labor with both of the boys and bleeding for unknown reasons. The pre-term labor was not as bad with Zack so we are hoping that it won't be with this one either. I have been calling the baby Jr. and Mike has been calling it Junette! I think it's a boy and he thinks it's a girl.

I've been a member of StorkNet since 1998 when I was pregnant with Zack. I look forward to working on this journal and hope that you enjoy reading it!

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