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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 10 ~ December 3, 2001
~ First OB Appointment

Whew, I had forgotten how lovely the extra pregnancy hormones were! I have been so hormonal this past week it's unbelievable. One minute I'm upset and ready to cry, or I'm crying at a TV commercial. The next I'm happy go lucky and that can go into a full blown hormonal rage. Gee I'm so glad Mike loves me! I feel sorry for him; he is the one that ends up getting the most from these hormonal times.

We had our first OB appointment this week. It was great to go in and it be a regular scheduled appointment and not a work-in or emergency. Dr. G said all of the lab work came back completely normal so there's nothing to worry about there. We knew that we had a 50/50 chance of hearing the heartbeat, but Dr. G wanted to give it a try. He was unable to find the heart beat with Doppler so he pulled in the little portable ultrasound. This was a surprise for Mike, since he wasn't with me at the scan at 7 weeks! As soon as he put the wand on my belly, we saw the little flutter of the heartbeat! It was a great thing to be able to get another peek at the baby! Dr. G said that the baby looked a bit small but nothing to worry about. I think it's just where they have my dates by LMP, since the first scan measured right on for the EDD with my date of ovulation.

We don't actually have an appointment scheduled for December; we go back at 14 weeks and that's not until January 2, 2002! We also have our ultrasound set for January 29th, which is my uncle's birthday. We have a thing with our family with the 29th; my uncle, my mother, myself and Zackary all share the 29th as our birthday's. They are all in different months but on the 29th, so I'm hoping that that day continues to hold out with good things for us.

The morning sickness has been better this week! Yippee!!! I'm loving the days that I feel human and not just wanting to lay around and do nothing. I've never been one to be lazy; I must have things to do! This has slowed me down and thrown me for a loop. I think I'm trading off the morning sickness for tiredness though. I'm just laying around in the afternoon when the kids have rest time.

Well until next time smile

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