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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11 ~ December 10, 2001
~ Morning Sickness

Well I had said last week that the morning sickness was getting better, remind me not to say that again! Between the morning sickness and being so tired I didn't leave the house but three times during the last week! That for me has to be a record of staying in the house and not going out. I didn't do anything but stay attached to the couch and try to drink and eat a bit. It's not that I'm sick as in vomiting, I'm just staying so nauseated that I don't want to eat. But then the cycle starts . . . I'm so hungry that I need/want to eat but then I do and start to feel nauseous . . . or I'm nauseous and want to eat but know that if I do I will be dealing with reflux and that wonderful sickly feeling. It's gotten so bad that I have a call into the doctor's office to see if there isn't anything else we can do. I feel horrible that I'm not eating enough but right now I'm lucky to eat crackers and not feel green! They did offer the B6 supplement along with my prenatal at an earlier appointment but it hasn't done anything to help, so I'll let you know what they say next week.

We have been trying to get ready for the holidays but it's been rough this time. I usually do most of the shopping and have done pretty much nothing this year! I feel so bad but we are waiting on Mike's bonus and they haven't distributed them yet. Looks like we will be a few of the nuts out there this weekend or next week doing our shopping! At least the boys' are in layaway so that's taken care of as long as it hasn't been lost!

The boys went to a tree farm for the first time this year to find a tree for Me-me and Pawpaw's porch! They were so happy to be able to wonder around and look at all the other trees. We had a few acres to walk over and after they had been through the trees twice they finally found the one! It was such a sight to see them try and saw it down. I have to say that Zack did more of the work than Matthew did but that's just the way he is. We can say that we managed to find the tree, cut the tree and Matthew decorated it for the most part!

Well I hope all is well for everyone during the holiday season. Until next time . . . smile

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