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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12 ~ December 18, 2001
~ Weird Dreams

Wow, I can't believe that there is only one more week until Christmas. This year seems to have just flown by. The boys are so excited that it's contagious! They are so cute asking how many days until Christmas, checking out the presents under the tree and hearing Matthew tell people who ask him about Christmas what it is about. He is growing up so much and becoming the little man. Just listening to him and watching him how he explains what Christmas is to him is just heart wrenching.

I'm not going to say that the morning sickness is gone, but I'm not feeling as sick or as green over the last few days! I was hoping that it would ease up at the 12 week mark and it seems to be doing so. I can't believe how tired I am these days though, a nap in the morning and afternoon isn't a bad thing these days! Mike has been picking on me about napping; we had gotten up Sunday at 8, by 11 am I was asleep again! I remember being hit like this with Zack but not until I was about 16 weeks; good thing Matt's out of school for a few weeks for winter break as I can get my naps in!

I have started to have dreams about the pregnancy and the baby already. I had my first dream a few days ago and it was a bit weird. We were at the doctor's office to have an ultrasound done. For some reason the lady started the ultrasound then left. When she came back, she said she couldn't do anything else because it was broken! We had seen that the machine wasn't broken and I was quite upset! We were wanting to find out the sex of Little Bit if we could. So I go and pick up the transducer and roll it over my belly! As I'm going down my belly, the baby rolled over so that you could see and tell what it was! There was three lines between the legs but I told Mike it was another boy! I don't understand why I told him it was a boy when I saw girl parts, but hey I'm not an ultrasound tech either! Maybe I figured I could think girl but if I was wrong it would crush him so let him think boy and be surprised if it was a girl! This whole dream thing is something I don't remember doing with the boys so I'm not sure what to think. I'd love to think my dream is right. I guess we will find out in January if Little Bit works with us.

Well until next time . . . Happy Holidays . . . smile

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