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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13 ~ December 26, 2001
~ Second Trimester

Yeah, I can't believe it! As of Christmas Eve, we are in the second trimester!! I'm glad that the first trimester is over with and hoping that the spotting I had during it will be all that we see. I have spotted with both of the boys but not until the second trimester so the spotting we had earlier was a bit unexpected. I am look towards the movements starting, hopefully actually hearing the heartbeat next week, the ultrasound next month and hopefully the end to morning sickness.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did for the most part. Every year since we have had children one or both of them are sick over the holidays. This year the boys were well and I was the one sick . . . yuck!!! I ended up with some type of viral virus that sent me to the doctor Christmas Eve, but luckily the pain in my ears and throat is not infection related! In the past when I have felt this bad I've ended up with strep throat but I'm feeling much better right now. Hopefully things will not pass to the boys or Mike.

The one thing that is bothering me already is the fact that some people just can't seem to think before they speak. We are already hearing the things like . . . are you hoping for a girl? Was this one planned? Well I guess you have a boys name picked out? Well when will you find out it's a boy for sure? . . . I just don't seem to understand others. Of course we would love a girl, but the most important thing to us is a healthy child, regardless of gender! I'm beginning to let the nasty come out of me, Mike's told a few that we'd love Little Bit if it was a monkey!

Well all I can say about Little Bit if it is anything like its brothers, it probably is part monkey!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and has a happy and safe New Year!!! Until next year smile

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