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Week 14 ~ January 4, 2002
~ Finally the Heartbeat!

Well I guess I should start off by saying . . . Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone had a nice and safe new year. We did for the most part; we didn't do much. We had dinner at home and watched some football; that is we watched and Matt & Zack played out the plays after each time out.

Wow, where has the time gone? We celebrated Zackary's third birthday this past weekend, and it was great! He's so into doing things for himself, that if we would have let him, he would have cut the cake for us. Thinking about his birthday is bittersweet though. When we had him, we had thought he was our last so I tried to cherish everything about his babyhood. I can't believe he's now into full blown toddlerhood! He is telling us though that the baby can't be ga ga's (Mike's) baby. It will just be momma and Matt's baby. Mike has always called him daddy's baby, and we don't think he's going to let us change that.

Well, we had our second OB appointment this week. I feel like I'm finally able to relax a bit. We had not yet heard Little Bit's heartbeat yet although we had seen it twice on ultrasound. We were finally able to hear it this week, swish, swoosh, swish at 148 bpm! I've been worried about Little Bit, I guess in part from being sick with some type of cold/virus for what seems like the entire pregnancy and being late for hearing the heartbeat. The great thing was Dr. G was able to find it right off with no searching. Dr. G even talked with us about the preterm labor and making sure we would have help while Mike was at work. We know that if history repeats itself, we only have about 8-10 weeks until the contractions will start. I'm just happy that we have a game plan for this, and we aren't waiting for it to start to decide what to do.

Another great thing was I found out the one doctor in the office that I don't like is only going to be doing GYN . . . no more OB for her!!! I'm so glad to know that I don't have a chance for her to deliver this child! I'd love for Dr. G to be the one, as he was with us for both of the boys.

We normally don't get snow but every few years, and we had our first snow storm this week! The boys love it and I can't say that I mind it. It's so beautiful and peaceful to look at. Kind of helps to force you to sit back and think about things a bit.

Until next time smile

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