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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 15 & 16 ~ January 14, 2002
~ Ouchies!

Well things have been pretty good around here over the last few weeks. I've just been in a major slump at getting anything done. I'm guessing it's due to the fact that I'm already noticing these darned old braxton hicks and knowing that my time is limited.

The lovely bh's started a few days after my doctor's appointment. The way things go is I usually have the bh's for a few weeks to a couple of months before the actual contractions that cause trouble start. I was hoping to hold off on them but at least I have an idea as what's bringing them on. I noticed a pattern in the ones that I've had; either I needed to go empty my bladder (which is getting smaller by the day!) or I need more water. These two things I can control right now so that makes me feel a lot better about the bh's.

I had a rough weekend that landed me on the couch for most of it. The boys went with me to the grocery store and after we had gotten back, my back and stomach was bothering me with cramps. I took a few Tylenol for it and figured it would quit, but oh no! By the time Mike had gotten home from work I couldn't walk standing up it hurt so badly! I spent awhile in the tub soaking and that helped to ease it a bit. But then it came time to sleep . . . let's just say that I went to bed at 8 that night and got up at 8 Sunday morning and had only about five hours of sleep out of that 12 in the bed. The back pain had eased up on Sunday but the cramps were worse so I called the on call doctor and was given the ok for Motrin and to go in on Monday to be checked.

Well I am now the one who has pulled each and every muscle between my hips on the front of my body and also the back of my body!!! Can you say painful!!! Dr. T was great about it though; he checked the heartbeat of Little Bit and it was good and strong, although he couldn't get a count as LB keep moving so quickly! He also checked my cervix since the braxton hicks have started, and it's doing great . . . high and closed!! He was going to try for an ultrasound just to make sure nothing else was going on but one of the techs was out, the other booked solid and the hospital had a three hour wait! We agreed that since we heard the heartbeat, it was good and strong with cervix closed, we would just watch things.

I'm now looking at my lovely bruise on my arm from the draw for the AFP test. I'm hoping that that comes back within range. I had a high result with Matthew but all was ok. This is one test that I wish we would pass on but with Mike having Down's on his side of the family, he feels better having it done.

Oh, well I'm off to snuggle up with hubby and take it easy . Until next time . . .

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