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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17 ~ January 22, 2002
~ First Flutters

I have begun to feel one of the best feelings a pregnant woman can feel! I was sitting here last week on the computer surfing around StorkNet and felt the first little flutters, 16 weeks 2 days!! I was wondering if I would feel anything earlier than I had with the boys. I felt Matthew at 18-20 weeks, Zackary was 16-18 weeks and now Little Bit at 16 weeks! This is one of the best feelings, the little flutters as he/she is moving around. I'm not to the point that I'm feeling things constantly but at least once a day I'm feeling him/her.

We were laying in bed talking the other night and he/she got on roll to where I was feeling things one after another. I told Mike and he was thought it was too soon but now he can't wait until he can feel him/her. He is still so much more involved in this pregnancy than with the others; I don't know if he's getting the feelings of this one being the last one or what, but he calls when he's at work at night to check on his "girls"! I told him Little Bit's not going to like being called a girl when it's a HE!

We have about a week to go to our ultrasound! We are so excited to be able to see the baby again. Mike wasn't with me for the scan at 7 weeks so this will be the first scan that he will be at. We are hoping to find out whether this one is another boy or a little girl. First things first, as long at LB is healthy I don't care but would love to know. I'm thinking that it's another boy but Mike, Matt and Zack all say that it's a girl! Matthew and Zack have even told me that if it's a boy that we have to take it back! A friend of mine tells me that I've had them in the return line at Wal-Mart too many times.

An update on our results from the AFP testing, the nurse called and said that the results were normal! Yeah, I'm happy that is one less thing to worry about.

Well until next time...

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