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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19 ~ February 4, 2002
~ Lots of Testosterone

Things around here have been pretty good. We hung out this weekend waiting for the Superbowl. All I can say is that I'm asking for a testosterone free room for myself on Sundays throughout race season and football season. The boys love to watch (ok they try to play) football and racing. That means that once the race begins I will loose my floor with race cars and a race rug. That's ok. I can keep tabs on Dale Jr this way!

We have been thinking about names for the little guy and think we may have one that we both like. Mike told me that if I would use Lee as a middle name I could choose the first name. I didn't mind Leigh as a girl's middle name but I just don't like it for a boy's name. Yeah call me crazy, but I just don't. So I have been shooting out names to him as they come to mind and either getting Yay or Nay from him. When we had thought of names early on with this pregnancy and told what we had thought of Owen and Gretchen, we got a bit of mouth from some of those around us. So I'm thinking of it like . . . this we already know that this is a boy, hopefully we won't know of his birthday (hoping to avoid induction), and I think it being a surprise is something that we can do this time. I'll admit the hardest thing is not saying anything around the boys. We know that if we do that, Matt will tell what the name is. Also if we do change it, we don't have to tell everyone again. Mike has been known to change the kid's names late in the game. He changed Matt's at about 6 months into the pregnancy and Zack's the night before we were induced.

The little guy is moving more and seems to be getting stronger. It had been a few days without feeling him, but I put a call into the office and they said to try the sugar trick and just keep an eye on it. I'm thinking that part of it is he's probably turned towards my back and with the all the coughing I'm doing, I'm probably scaring the poor fellow!

I can tell that with the cold I'm not taking in as much fluids as need to with the braxton hicks getting more frequent. I'm upping the fluids to keep those in check so hopefully I won't have to worry about them.

The good thing from last week's appointment was that Mike asked about travel, and we were given the ok to travel! I didn't think that we would be allowed but Dr G said that if history repeats itself, the preterm contractions didn't change my cervix until about 35 weeks last time so to go and enjoy ourselves! Now if we can only get a trip planned in and able to go. We went last year to the beach for the weekend and had a blast. This was the first time since our honeymoon that we had been away with just the two of us. We haven't decided whether if we go, if we will go alone again or with the boys. Time and money will tell; I'm just excited that we have the option to go!

Oh, well until next time

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