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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20 ~ February 12, 2002
~ Halfway

Wow so much is happening right now! I can't believe that we are at week 20 of this pregnancy! It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant with the little one, and I just found out that my best friend is pregnant and due the middle of October! I'm so happy for them and wish them the best and a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Things have been going great as far as I'm concerned. The little guy is moving more and more, and becoming stronger at his kicks and swings. The braxton hicks seem to be going somewhere besides visiting us, which is great news. I can say that since I have been over the cold/cough that I had the braxton hicks are so much less. I haven't had one other than when I'm stuck in the van coming home without a potty. I've been keeping up my fluids and now the only time I've had any was when my bladder had gotten very full. I know that this doesn't seem like a lot but I'm so happy about it. I feel like maybe since I have an idea to what was causing them in this pregnancy, I can avoid the awful thing that comes after them . . . meaning pre-term contractions and/or labor. I have had a feeling come over me within the last few days that all is going to be well with this pregnancy and no problems. I don't know what to call it but I'm going to go with it. I think that if I have that attitude it will carry over with the pregnancy.

The thought of changing OBs has wondered through my mind a few times (before the pregnancy and in the last few weeks). I have had the same ob since I was pregnant with Matt. The only thing being different is the amount of doctors that have been added. With Matt there was three, for Zack seven and down to six this time. I didn't think that the birth center that is in the next town was covered by insurance but I called and they do accept our insurance carrier but do not know what the coverage is until we call from the birth center. I have made us a consultation appointment for next week to meet with them and see how we like it. I have also spoken with a doula through email and will hopefully being meeting with her. Mike isn't sure about the birth center as he doesn't like change and is also a bit worried about a few things if problems were to arise. He's all for the doula if we work out with her and keeping our current ob.

I think we are each going to make a list of the pros and cons from our view point and go from there after we have the appointments with the birth center.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Until next time . . .

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