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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21 ~ February 23, 2002
~ Exhaustion!

Well this week has been pretty good as far as the pregnancy goes. I can say that the only thing that is not a good thing is the exhaustion is back! I had started to get my energy back at about 15 weeks or so when the morning sickness was gone for the most part. But geez, over the last week or so I have been so tired and just don't have the energy for much.

The lovely aspect of pregnancy called lack of sleep has also kicked into high gear for me. The other thing that has started that I don't remember doing with either of the boys . . . DREAMS! Man oh man, these things are becoming crazier by the day or night!

As far a feeling the little guy, he had been very low for the most part. I was getting lots of kicks and hits still around my pubic bone! In the last few days, he's finally turning and I'm getting them up around my belly button. This little guy has a thing about other people trying to feel him move; he stops the minute anyone tries. Mike was able to feel him move for the first time this week! Matt's been trying to feel him but hasn't been able to yet.

I was wondering if/when I would start to notice any colostrum this time around. With Matt I noticed it at about 26 weeks or so . . . nothing with Zack. The other day I was sitting around and moved my arm and noticed something moist, and sure enough there was a bit of it! I'm wondering if I'll need to find the breast pads once again as I did with Matt.

We had our appointment with the Birthing center last week. Mike was happy to learn more but we still aren't sure as what we are going to do. I've been trying to find out who knows what is covered and what's not covered by our insurance and one says yes, another says no! That's the scary thing; we are afraid that they will do like they did with the boys' speech therapy. Tell us it is covered and once the claims go in, decline them at the next level! That is the only thing about this insurance company that I hate! We have made the appointment to meet with the doula next week. So far from our email exchanges and phone conversations, we get along pretty well. I did find out that she has worked with our doctor in the past and that they have a good relationship. That is a plus.

I have an appointment this week with the Dr. N and will run it by him just to let them know that we may be bringing in a doula. Matthew wants to go to the appointment with me to listen to the baby! I'm hoping that he has a good day at school that day as the appointment is shortly after I pick him up! He's so excited about hearing the baby, he has told him anyone who will listen!

Until next time . . .

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