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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22 ~ February 28, 2002
~ Appointments

Things here are pretty good, starting to get uncomfortable but good. No contractions or swelling; just general achiness and things are great! This means a lot to me as I sit wondering if I will start with full blown contractions or if I will be able to ride the rest of this pregnancy out without anything going wrong. I'm really starting to think that I'll make it through with just a normal pregnancy!! This means so much to me; to avoid bed rest, limited activity with a 5 year old and 3 year old wasn't going to be fun. I'm looking forward to spring and actually being able to still enjoy the outdoors with the boys.

We have had two appointments this week. The first being with the doula and it went well. After talking with her, Mike was a bit less on edge about bringing someone in from outside the family. We still aren't sure as to what we are going to do but we are leaning towards having her join us as our doula! We just have to make sure that we can work out the money end of it as it wasn't something that was put into our budget.

We had an appointment with Dr. N this week. 22 weeks 3 days by the office and all went pretty good. Matthew went with me as he had been wanting to hear the heartbeat. I wasn't sure how he would do as the appointment was after school but we dropped by the library and picked up some new books and Dr N was right on time which was great! Appointment went well, blood pressure right on at 100/60, urine was ok, and the thing I was worried about was the weight! My scales at home were beginning to scare me, but the office shows a total gain of 11 pounds! I don't think that's too bad for 22 weeks. Granted a lot of it has been in the last month or so but I really think he's had a growth spurt. This was the first time that we did the fundal measurements, and Dr N didn't say what it was, just that "He sure has grown hasn't he!" Not that I think he can tell anything with this being the first measurement but just letting me know what I already think. I really feel like this little guy is going to be my biggest yet! Matt was 6.13 and Zack was 7.4 and wondering how much larger this one will be!

I'm already feeling a lot of shifting in my hip area as it feels like things are already starting to move. I actually had a friend ask if I was sure it was only one. He said to him I look as big as I did when I was 7-8 months along with Zack. I know that I feel bigger but I don't think I'm that big!

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