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Week 23 ~ March 5, 2002
~ The Name Game

Wow, I can't hardly believe that we only have 17 weeks left to our due date! Granted if we go over, we are looking at adding a few more weeks but I still figure the little guy will be here by the 15th at the latest!

I am very grateful to not have had any problems but I have also been reminded that my body will tell me when enough is enough! Over the last week we have done a lot of walking and looking at things. We spent Monday at a shopping center that walking around its diameter is 1-2 miles and we walked around the entire place! Then on Friday I went to dinner with a friend and we spent about an hour in Target, and then on Saturday Mike and the boys took me to the mall, Target again and Babies R Us along with dinner! Well needless to say that after breakfast on Sunday, I was back on the couch with pelvis/pubic bone pain! I don't remember any of this type pain/pressure this early with the boys but that's why each pregnancy is different. After spending the day on the couch and not doing anything I felt a lot better.

I guess this little guy is making sure that I don't over do it by being nice enough to cause a bit of discomfort. Other than the pubic bone and hip aches, I feel great. I do feel as if I'm as large as the side of the house but my weight gain is in the normal range for as far as along as I am.

I really wish that we could agree on a name for him . . . I'm getting tired of calling him Jr, little man, little bit, he/him!!! I never thought that we would have this much trouble agreeing on a name but it's becoming a nightmare! I want something a bit different but that will still go with Matthew and Zackary but not so different that it's unheard of. I keep telling Mike that if we don't agree on a name, he will have to give into my wants after I give birth to another child. He doesn't see things that way though.

I am coming up on a week that has been rough for me since being pregnant with Matt. I went into pre-term labor at 24 weeks for the first time with Matthew. I know that I have had no signs of PTL with this pregnancy, but it's still a week that I will be so happy to move past and know that if anything were to happen, the baby would have a chance. I hope that nothing happens, and I haven't had any reason to believe that anything will; but things can happen without notice.

Until next time . . .

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