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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24 ~ March 11, 2002
~ A point of relief

Yippee!! We have made it to week 24! This is a great feeling, but it also has a feeling of worry for me. I'm so glad to be at this point in the pregnancy. I know that if something were to happen from here on out that he has a chance of surviving that grows better each day. The worry part is that this is the same time the pre-term labor started with Matt that sent me to Labor and Delivery. I'm thinking positively though and keep telling myself that it will be ok and we won't have any problems! Positive thinking can do wonders, and I know that it helped with Zack and starting it earlier can only do more this time.

Things have been going pretty good for the most part. I have been having more braxton hicks contractions but they are still very irregular and not that frequent at all. If I was to complain it would be about the pubic bone pain/pressure. That's still going on and I'm just dealing with it as I know that it will stay with me until delivery. I don't really think of it as a complaint, just a minor discomfort.

Our house has been crazy the past few days as we have been trying to get things moved out of the play room and back into the boys' room. Matt and Zack share a room right now. We are just waiting for their bunk beds to come in, and they will have a new look that they are ready for! It's going to be a bit mis-matched as Matt wants sports, and Zack wants either racing or Batman. Oh well, as long as they don't try to play monkey and come off the top bunk!

We weren't sure if we were going to be able to use Zack's crib or not as a piece broke when we took it apart. We were going to have to get another changing table and dresser also. Well we found a great deal on a like-new dresser and changing table this past weekend! Mike drug me out of bed this weekend to enjoy some time with him going to some yard sales. I can actually say that I'm glad I did go with him this time! (I'm not a morning person, at all!) We found lots of little clothes, the bed set, a dress for me and the furniture for great prices!

Until next time . . .

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