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Week 25 ~ March 22, 2002
~ Spring

It's now officially Spring!!! At least that is what the calendar says anyway! You can't tell it by our weather here at all this week. Actually it's just like normal for years past. We have a mild winter, a few days or weeks of warmer weather and then COLD again! I can't believe I was actually in shorts and sandals last week and loving it! I hope that someone lets the weather know that it's now spring and cooperates with the calendar! Yes, I'm being selfish about this but I am outgrowing my pants and don't want to buy more! I have plenty of shorts and would love to wear them!

I can say that I know that spring is here because I have no extra time due to spring sports. Matthew is playing soccer again and has added T-ball this year! He loves soccer and is slowly getting the hang of t-ball from practicing with Mike. I, on the other hand am a bit scared of the t-ball/baseball thing. Call it mother's fear or whatever. I just hate those thoughts that run through your mind thinking the worst! I can't wait for both seasons to actually start though. He's having a ball just with practice!

This week with the little man has been pretty good once again! The braxton hicks are picking up a bit more but they are still very irregular and a lot just depends on what I'm doing. What I've been doing here lately has been as little as possible as I think that the pubic pain I've been having may also be sciatic nerve down my right leg. I'm not sure because I never had any of it with Matt or Zack but it's getting to where I can't raise my right leg to put on my pants, shoes or socks without sitting down because it hurts so much. I figure I'll ask about it on Monday when I have my visit and see what else I can do to help alleviate the pain. I've been sitting on my ball as much as I can and it's helps a bit.

I'm not looking forward to my next appointment. It's testing for the Gestational Diabetes. I have passed with both Matt and Zack with pretty good numbers so I'm pretty sure that I will pass this one. The thing is I'm not looking forward to getting sick from the drink. I have gotten sick both times in the past, but I also had to fast with both of those. I don't have to fast this time so I'm hoping that will help with the sick feeling that I've had afterwards from the sugar high.

I want to say thank you to those of you who have been emailing me about the journal. I know that this entry is a bit late and want to say thanks for your concern and hoping that it's due to being busy and nothing wrong! Busy it is, and many thanks.

Until next time . . .

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