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Week 26 ~ March 27, 2002
~ GD Testing

We had our appointment this week for our Gestational Tolerance Testing (gestational diabetes). Yuck, is all I can say for that drink! I had the orange flavor as I have this thing with anything that has a lemon-lime taste to it. (Goes back to my youth and don't won't to revisit those days) Whoever it was that said it tasted like flat Orange Crush is being mean and ugly to those who haven't had this yet. I managed to get the drink down without losing it but it was hard!

We were running a bit behind that morning and got to the hospital later than we had planned. Registering didn't take long but the office didn't send the orders with me at the last appointment and hadn't sent them to the hospital! Luckily the lab tech went ahead and did the draw as the hour was up and then argued with the office. We had to wait for the pharmacy to send the Rhogam shot to the lab and so we went to see the new babies! It was great to see all of the new little babies all bundled up!

We decided that we would just walk over to the office once we had the Rhogam since it was such a pretty morning. We had already seen Dr. T at the hospital and were taken right on back. I had the normal check up . . . weight (only 2.5 lb gain!), B/P (110/62), urine check (no protein, slight sugar) and had a finger prick for hemoglobin (11.2!). Dr. T was glad to see us as the last time was we had seen him was when we had all the funny cramps at 16 weeks. Little man's heartbeat was found right away, going strong and he was back to measuring on target this week at 26. We did talk about the pubic pain that I've been having since it is getting to where I can't lift my right leg at times. He offered to send me for physical therapy if I wanted but we opted to try the heating pad and see if that helps. We are now on every two weeks for appointments!!! I can't believe that we have our appointments scheduled through the end of May. It really makes it all seem like it's almost over with!

All in all things are going great around here! I'm trying to get used to having Matt in two places at once with t-ball and soccer. We are now on Spring Break with school! I am so looking forward to sleeping in and not having to be anywhere until I want to!

I think that we have finally decided on a name for the little guy! We still aren't telling anyone but the names that we have agreed on just seem right. I am keeping my option to see him first before the decision is 100% before naming him.

Until next time . . .

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