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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 ~ April 3, 2002
~ Changes

We have had quite a few changes around here over the last few weeks! The changes actually started about two weeks ago when I had all of my hair cut off! I had been thinking about cutting it but wasn't really sure if I wanted to do it. So I went from my shoulder length hair to a chin length bob style. We left it at that for a few weeks and it still wasn't what I wanted so back I went! It's now still chin length in the back but the rest is cut into short layers! I actually really like it, it so easy to manage now. Instead of taking 45 minutes to an hour to dry my hair I can dry it in 10 minutes tops now! I finished up the new me with highlights last week! I really needed this as I was beginning to find myself getting the blahs over my appearance!

Another of our changes has been in the little one's room. We had picked up an older bed set of Noah's Ark and were planning to go with that instead of the Rainbow Fish that we had. I really liked the fish but thought it might be too feminine looking for a boy. Well, we had decided that we wanted to paint the room to give it a change. I had thought we were going with a cream/tan color but Mike wanted a color that looked like a kid. So we now have the first coat of paint up that is called November Blue. I don't really know how to describe the color, as there is nothing that you could be this blue over in November! I really like the color now that it is on the walls but it didn't match the Noah's Ark set with it being darker colors, so we pulled out the fish set and it looks great! I can't believe that it's really starting to look like a child's room in that room!

This is the most we have done to any of the rooms here; we just added a wallpaper border to Matt and Zack's rooms. Now that they are sharing a room they have put in a request for Dale Jr. Red! I really don't think that we will be painting the entire room red, but we told them we would do their room next.

I had my first scare with contractions during this pregnancy this week. I had been fighting a horrible headache and think that the stress of that and not feeling well may have set them off. I probably should have put a call into the office but I tried to keep the water up and went to bed. I was able to get to sleep and get some rest for a few hours. I ended up getting sick during the night but that helped the headache to go away and shortly after that the contractions stopped.

This child is so active that I am able to do the kick counts usually within the first hour of being awake and the same during the evening. I can tell that he's running out of room but can't quite tell which way he is laying. Both Matt and Zack were head down at 28 weeks and stayed that way, with him I'm not sure. He is definitely still changing positions as I'm getting hits and kicks on both sides and under my ribs. I was actually able to grab onto a knee, elbow or heel today on my right side! It's hard to sit here and think that in 12.5 weeks we will be at our D-Day! I'm just wondering how much he's going to grow between now and then! He already feels so big compared to either Matt or Zack. I know that all pregnancies are different but I'm really wondering if he's going to be bigger than both of them and if so how much!

Until next time . . .

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