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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28 ~ April 10, 2002
~ Third Trimester

I can't believe that we are now into the third trimester! Talk about time flying; it seems just like yesterday we stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up the test.

We had our 28-week appointment this week and all things are going pretty good. I have gained another three pounds since our last visit, which puts us at 16 pounds total gain so far. B/P was 100/60, urine negative for sugar and protein. Seeing as we had our Gestational Diabetes screening at the hospital and the problems with the paper work not being sent over the results hadn't been sent to the office. After a phone call to the lab the results for that were 108 with the cutoff being 135 so we passed! We are measuring right on track at 28 cm this week, which is great since it seems that at 22 weeks when we measured 24 it was either a fluke or he was laying funny.

I left the office with the normal instructions that to call if more than 5-6 contractions for more than two hours, bleeding, leaking of fluids and to start kick counts twice a day. I had two days over the weekend that the little one slowed down and we were watching out for movement and trying all the tricks. It wasn't as if he had stopped moving completely but just that it's slowing down. I was going to mention it to Dr. M but Monday morning he started up as if he hadn't missed a beat. I'm guessing that he must have just had a few slow days then cause he's back to normal now!

We finally finished putting the second coat of paint on the room. Now we only need to get the dresser, rug and the pictures that I've found for the room. Mike was going to make me a stencil so that I could put his name on the wall but we are going to wait until after he's here. I know that I won't be able to keep people out of his room when they are over and since we aren't telling the name I don't want to worry about keeping the door closed. Mike is planning to go ahead and make the stencil at work and then we will have it when we get to it.

I can't believe that we have nine weeks until we are term and 11.5 more weeks to our due date! I am usually one who has loved being pregnant in the past even with the problems from pre-term labor but this time, I've had it. I'm very grateful to be pregnant and having a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy but as I told a friend I've been down this road twice now, I know what the end result is and I want it now!!!

Well until next time... I'm off to enjoy the spring weather and hope that everyone is doing great

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