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Week 29 ~ April 21, 2002
~ Down time

I have been offline for about a week now but that was mainly due to computer problems. Our computer crashed a few weeks ago and Mike took it into work for a friend to work on it. They were going to work on it during the night when it was slow. Wouldn't you know that the night he takes the power cords to the one that is working they would have a power outage at work! Well needless to say keeping the chemicals at the right temperature came before anything else. Mike forgot to take the power cords back out of the back so we had to wait until they went back to work to get them. Of course those 4-5 days with out internet access are when you remember everything that can be done online.

It probably wouldn't have made much difference if we would have had the power cords or not as Zack spent most of the week fighting some type of virus. Thank goodness the symptoms didn't result in any type of infection; he was complaining of his ears and tummy hurting but the ears were clear! I was so happy to hear that as he's had so many problems with his ears in the past.

I am getting to the point that I'm ready for it to be June! I am becoming very uncomfortable now. I have a body part wedged into my right ribs and my left hip and they hurt! I am dealing with what I'm guessing is morning/all day sickness once again. I was so happy to see the morning sickness leave during the beginning of the second trimester, but it looks as it's coming back to haunt me! I had been doing ok until dinnertime and then getting sick but it's slowly changing over to all day nausea and sick any time I'm eating. I know that part of it is reflux and plan to ask Dr. H what would be best for it when I go next week.

I thought that the morning sickness during the first and second trimester was bad but I was wrong. During the beginning of this pregnancy when the morning sickness hit it was mainly the nauseous feeling and not wanting to eat. But now it's not only those things, it's actually getting sick and the reflux joining in. All I am hoping for is that it ends soon as I can't imagine another 10 weeks like this; the first 14 or so was enough!

I found out that my great aunt and grandmother wants to give us a shower. We don't really need anything but have agreed that we will invite a few friends and family members to this. We hate to seem greedy and looking for handouts but we also don't want to hurt their feelings by saying no. This is something new to me as both our wedding shower and Matt's shower I helped my mom with. My aunt and g-ma want to do everything and have just asked to have it here at our house. I'm looking forward to it even though it's not to the beginning of June!

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