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Week 30 ~ April 23, 2002
~ 10 To go to D-Day!

Wow, I can't believe that as I sit here we are now under 10 weeks to go until our due date... aka... d-day! It really doesn't seem like 30 weeks have passed already. Part of me is very ready for the next 10 to fly on by but then the other part of me is ready to just stop time for a bit. I know that I am starting to complain about the butt that's in my ribs and the feet that are in my hip but as it is right now I don't have to share him with anyone! I know that is selfish but I know that Mike is ready to have him for a bit himself. I can't wait to see the two of them on the couch with him asleep on daddy's chest! That is one of Mike's favorite things to do with them when they are young and little.

I had my 30-week appointment on Monday. All is going pretty good, B/P was 100/58, urine was negative for sugar and protein, and baby was measuring right on target again. I asked about the position of him just wondering as I've either had a head or bottom stuck in my right ribs. From the location of the heartbeat and Dr L's feeling, it looks as if we are heads down! I know that he can still change positions at any time but if he does like his brothers, he'll stay head down. The only thing that Dr. L mentioned was that I had lost a pound over the last two weeks. That makes a total gain of 15 pounds at 30 weeks. He asked if my eating habits changed and if I was still eating healthy. My eating habits haven't changed for the most part and I'm eating the same as I had been. I think the reason for the difference was that all my appointments have been in the morning and my 28-week appointment was in the afternoon. I think the time difference is a lot of the weight difference.

I can say that the return of the morning sickness is getting worse. I asked Dr. L about the heartburn at the appointment and he said to give the liquid a few more days and if it's not any better to let them know and we could try something stronger. I am planning to call Thursday if things don't get any better. I'm starting to hate the thought of eating as the nauseated feeling with the heartburn is getting pretty bad.

We have been wanting to get away for a few days to the beach. We may be going this weekend! We will be taking the boys down with us instead of just the two of us. We would love a weekend for just us but I'm just not feeling up to leaving the boys. I don't want to be away from them for very long right now. I guess I'm having separation anxiety from them and want to spend all the time that I can with them. And the fact that Zack would be very upset if he didn't get to go and have an unlimited supply of crab legs and lobster! This will be a pack and go trip as we won't know until last minute if we'll get to go this weekend or next . . . but I know that I can pack for the four of us in less that half an hour!

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