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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31 & 32 ~ May 7, 2002
~ Appointments

Things have been going pretty well for the most part. We finally got our computer back for it to only last 12 hours before crashing again! A new hard drive and hopefully we are all fixed. I'm combining the last two weeks since I was offline for the most part of week 31.

The contractions have been picking up along with the pain and pressure in my pubic area. There have been days that I feel I could just fall back down instead of walking after sitting down. I ended up putting a call into the doctor during last week since the pain, pressure and backache had increased so much. The contractions have been about the same; I was just worried that with the other symptoms picking up that things might be changing. I was able to see Dr. H and had a check on my cervix. Luckily it looks as if the increase is not doing anything to my cervix, by ultrasound it measured 3.7 cm, which Dr. H says is great for being 31 weeks at the time of the ultrasound.

The tech that did the ultrasound was new to the office and was great. It was to be a limited ultrasound but she did let me get a few minutes of just watching the little guy. She didn't do any measurements but we do know that his head is low and close to the cervix. She asked if we knew what it was and could she check to see if she could tell . . . told her go ahead! All I can say is this child has yet to let anyone actually see his goods! With Matt and Zack, we had a true open leg shot and this little one will not do that! The tech gave us a picture of what is to be his scrotum . . . Matt says it looks like Mickey Mouse to him! Kids, you have to love the way that they see things!

I had my 32-week appointment with Dr. H and it was short as I had just seen him on last Thursday and this was Monday. Just as the extra visit we are measuring great, weight is up to 17 lbs total, B/P and urine are great. We are just watching how things go from here on out. Dr. H thinks that the increase in the pain, pressure and backache are from him settling down in his position of choice. We do know that he is head down with his bottom in my right ribs and loves to poke his hands and feet at my left hip.

The feelings have started this week . . . am I ready to be a mom of three, how am I going to do this! I have known for eight months or so now that we would be parents to three and it's just now hitting me. I don't remember going through this when I was pregnant with Zack. My main feeling is that I'm cheating Zack out of something. I don't know why it is just him and not Matt also. I think part of it may be because Zack has/is our strong willed child and I'm nervous as to how he's going to react. I guess that I'll work these feelings out over time, but I really wasn't expecting to have these thoughts and feelings.

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