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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Happy Belated Mother's Day

Things are going great for the most part! I can't believe that we are down to 7 weeks until D-day! It seems like it was just October 22 and we were finding out about this little one.

To all of you out there who are mothers already, who hope to be or who will be soon . . . I want to wish you each a very Happy Belated Mother's Day! I can say that each Mother's Day that I have celebrated has become better for me. It seems so much more real now that Matthew has realized what the day is about. Zack is slowly picking up on the meaning but he's still not quite there with the meaning yet.

Mike and the boys bought the diaper backpack for me that I've been eyeing and just wouldn't spend the extra money on for me. Mike was working nights so he came in and crashed that morning; which was great as the boys and I slept until 10! They were great and cooked breakfast for me and even cleaned up afterward! Mike headed to bed shortly after and I spent the day with the boys playing basketball and just hanging out!

I had a Mother's Day Luncheon with Matt at school on Monday and that pulled so many heartstrings. Every one of the gifts from school was handmade with either their hands or fingers. So much to look at and think back to what his little hands were like when he was born.

Nothing much has been going on this week just hanging out being busy with end of year stuff at school and end of season of soccer. I'm slowly starting to nest a bit here and there . . . I attacked the light fixtures the other night. I think it kind of scared Mike; it started out by just changing a light bulb and seeing how nasty the fixtures were! I grabbed the window cleaner and started to clean! Now if the boys' bunk beds would just come in . . . I could really get started on all that I want to do before Little Man is here!

Hope everyone has a great week . . . Until next time

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