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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34 ~ May 23, 2002
~ Graduation Day

As I sit here and write, I am now the mother to a beautiful, handsome, smart 5.5 year old who graduated from 4-year preschool tonight and is more that ready to start Kindergarten. This is such a hard place in motherhood . . . I love to see that he is growing, learning and becoming a young man each and every day but at the same time I wish he could stay my little boy that I gave birth to 5.5 years ago. Sigh . . . just going to make sure that I get all those wonderful snuggles that I can. I think nights like this are hard on all of us as mothers but tonight the hormones just didn't want to stay anywhere near normal . . . even for a pregnant lady! Now come see me when he starts school in August and let's see how bad the emotions are taking over! Some of you may ask why he's 5.5 years old and in a 4-year preschool class. We held him back this year and choose to let him start kindergarten a year late. His birthday is at the end of September and I really think it's made a great improvement for him emotionally, physically and mentally being ready to start this coming year.

Moving on to my youngest little man to be . . . things are going great! I had my 34-week appointment earlier this week and things are going great! Weight is at 20 lbs total (which is the highest that I have ever weighed pregnant or not), blood pressure was 118/72, no protein or sugar, heartbeat going great and he's moving right along. I have started to have some swelling that just started out of the blue, but other than that, everything is going really good. I was able to start my allergy meds again and that's helping tremendously with my headaches; thank goodness for small miracles! I have one more appointment that is set for 36 weeks then we are onto weekly appointments! I can't believe that things are moving so quickly now and before long our little one will be here!

Speaking of movement . . . I thought the thing was the further along that you were in the pregnancy that the movement was to slow down! Someone forgot to tell our little one that; he is constantly on the move and doesn't give me a reason to even think to do a kick count! I'm really beginning to wonder what type of sleep pattern he's going to have, because I can't seem to pick out any type of sleep/slow pattern that he has now! Guess I better just get what sleep I can now and enjoy it while I can, even if it is getting up 3 times a night to go potty!

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