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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35 ~ May 30, 2002
~ One Month to Go . . .

Wow, I can't believe that as of now we are down to a month to go to D-Day! One more month... I can't seem to get that thought through my head! It seems like forever but I guess it's really not! Anywhere from two weeks to six weeks and Little Man could be here! The two weeks would put us over 37 weeks, which is considered term and the six weeks would be going over by two weeks.

Things have been going pretty well. The swelling has increased a great deal but it's all related to my feet and the heat. I have figured it out . . . by staying in the house (where it's cool) I don't swell, but if I'm out in the heat my feet and ankles swell so much it hurts to walk. So needless to say I'm trying to stay in as much as possible to avoid the huge feet!

Little Man has been moving right along; in fact he's never really slowed down. I was wondering if he would since he should be running out of room but I guess not! He still seems to be in the same position with his head down and his butt on my right side. He has dropped a bit though as his little tail isn't in my ribs any longer, but about an inch or so below. We have been playing the name the body part game . . . he loves to stick his elbow or knee out on my left side.

Things around here this week are pretty slow for a change! We only have one baseball game this week for Matt. Which is great as we have the shower this weekend. I'm just glad that Mike is off as he can help/do the cleaning!

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