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Week 36 ~ June 7, 2002
~ Slowing Down . . .

Well the time has come to admit that I have to slow down; I just can't keep up anymore! Everything has to be done around the ever-expanding belly of Little Man. I have always been a person who does what she wants without waiting for others to help . . . well I have to stop that now. Thankfully Mike has realized that I just can't keep up any longer and he is doing the majority of housework around here. I'm still doing the laundry but I want clothes to wear so I don't mind!

Speaking of clothes, it's official I am down to about 3 or 4 outfits that still fit. I didn't think that I would outgrow maternity clothes but I have and at 36 weeks I have given away two large shopping bags of clothes! It was a bit sad to pack them up knowing that we won't be using those again, but at the same time it is nice to know that we will be going into another area with our family.

We had our shower this past weekend; it was small but very nice. It was great to get together with a few friends and family to just chat about anything and everything. The only down side is that for some reason Mike's family is just plain weird . . . no one from his side of the family showed up to be with us. He really didn't say much but I know that it bothered him that his own parents didn't even show or call. They only live about 5 miles from us so it's not like traveling was an issue. Oh, well I guess we'll see what happens when Little Man shows up.

We also had our first of our weekly appointments this week. We are measuring at 36 weeks, blood pressure is doing great, urine was negative for both, and the only down side was I gained five pounds in two weeks making the total 25 pounds. What I weigh now is the most that I have ever weighed pregnant or not and it's a strange feeling. I haven't changed the way I'm eating or anything so I am trying not to think too much about it. I guess we'll see what happens at next week's appointment. We had the Group B test done, I have tested negative with both Matt and Zack so thinking I will this time also. Dr. T did a check on the cervix; we are dilated a fingertip - 1cm. Not much but it's nice to know that all these contractions are beginning to do what they need to for Little Man to be with us.

Hope all is well with everyone... until next time

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