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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Full Term

Well things are moving right along with this pregnancy! It's hard to think that we are term now! There were many days in the beginning that we wondered if we would make it to term without any problems. We knew going into this pregnancy that we were at risk for pre-term labor but whether or not we would have any problems with it, we didn't know. I think that we were very lucky; we made it through the pregnancy without any complications whatsoever! I can't believe that I have only had two appointments that were worked in; one being for all the pulled muscles at 16 weeks and the extra one at 33 weeks due to the change in pressure/pain that I was having. It is a great feeling to know that we made it without any restrictions, confinements or anything other than a normal pregnancy!

Over the last week the contractions have picked up a bit. They never have gotten to the point that they were regular or worth timing but were noticeable to others, or at least to Mike. They did pick up one afternoon to the point that Mike offered to stay home from work. I sent him on his way, as much as I appreciated his offer; I would rather have him at home with me when I really need him.

It seems that I have started to lose my mucous plug a bit at a time. I noticed on Monday that it was starting to disappear but haven't seen anything since then. We had our 37-week appointment with Dr. M and I was wondering if all the contractions, pain/pressure and backache were doing anything. I have had the feeling all along that I would go past our due date but it looks like we might not! We have changed from the fingertip - 1 from last week to 2 - 3 cms and 50% effaced with Little Man's head very low! I wasn't really expecting that but it is great news to know that all this that is going on is helping us more each time to meet Little Man! Everything else with the appointment went great; only a 1/2 pound gain, blood pressure was 116/76, urine - for sugar and protein and the Group B test came back negative. As we left we were told what to watch out for (bleeding, leaking, contractions five minutes apart for an hour) and when to come on in. Famous last words from Dr. M . . . see you next week if not before. We have our appointments made for the next two weeks (into week 39) I guess we will see if we need them.

Now, if we only get through Saturday I would be even happier! Matt's last t-ball game is Saturday afternoon and then he has his trophy presentation, I'd really like to be there but I guess it's all out of my control isn't it!

Until next time

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