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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38 ~ June 21, 2002
~ Reactive

Things are moving slowly along now! I feel as if I've been pregnant forever and it's never going to end. I know that with in three weeks or so it will all be over but it still doesn't help the miserable person that keeps coming out in me! I loved being pregnant with Matt and Zack, but this time it's taking it's toll on me and I'm looking forward to not being pregnant ever again! Yes, we have decided that this is it and there will be no more little ones for us. Sad, in a way it is but then again I'm ready to move on to the next stage of our family and get the diapers over with.

Our 38 week appointment was this week with Dr. L; you can't help but love him . . . other than the fact that he's a cutie and his wife was our pediatrician until insurance woes. He's a great doctor. It's a toss up between him and Dr. G (our primary) as to who I prefer the most. We are holding our own with the weight; another week without a gain, blood pressure 102/62, urine great, and measuring right on target for 38 weeks. I'm still dilated between 2-3 but closer to 3 than last week and now 60-70% efface! Not much change but anything is better than nothing. Dr. L offered to sweep the membranes to see if that would help; we know that it will only help if he's ready but we tried it. We will wait and see if it helps or not.

Little Man has been a very active one since I first noticed movement. I know that I'm stubborn and so is Zack and evidently this one is going to be like us! Dr. L had us come in for an NST and wouldn't you know it took him having to listen to his own heartbeat to tick him off enough to get moving. Dr L gave him a clean bill of health and said he looked great on the strip. Which is great . . . no matter how uncomfy I am, as along as he's doing ok I'll manage. Dr L even said that he responded great to the contractions that were shown on the strip so that looks like we'll probably have a great labor and delivery if he does as well then as he did while on the monitor!

I hope that everyone is doing well . . . we are off to enjoy the first day of summer.

Until next time

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